- Complete Roomba tilt control at the first step of work

- Mobile Wireless communication - Exam

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System is not optimized ...
Just Test of Tilt Sensor and Roomba Actuator~
Just enjoy~

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[ Yesterday]
- Take a rest...all day a long~

- Preside over an examination of Data Communication
- Mobile Wireless Communication
- Roomba Tilt Control

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[ Yesterday ]

- Roomba Tilt Control
    1. Complete UART control test of turning motion.
    2. Complete RF control test of turning motion.

[ Today ]

- Roomba Tilt Control
    1. Upgrade forward/Baward movement
    2. Sensitive adjustment (MTS310- Accelerometer Sensor)

- Wireless communication
    1. Study text book

- Eureka.co.kr web
    1. Post a document that i'v got. (Just take a hour)
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[ Yesterday ]
- Crossbow Sensor Board Test - Mica2 with MTS310 : 2-Axis Accelerometer(2AA) porting
I've got an idea about Roomba application.
So I've done some test about Sensor network application.
I'll post it after the work is done.

- Cricket Location base system
I got a thesis of cricket system at http://cricket.csail.mit.edu/
(M. I. T. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory )
for concerning about ultrasound signal for localization.

[ Today]
 - Paper survey
 - Roomba application developement

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